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Quigley here, aka Q-Dog, just takin’ time to keep my dog buddies and cat friends, and their people informed of the latest happenings here in Sedona, AZ. 

Some say I have a nose for the cool … others say I drool. 

My reply?  Who’s got the blog … Q-Dog … and here I go!


The Hike House


You don’t get a photo like this from laying on your dog bed.  One of the main dog reasons, and people reasons, to visit this awesome red rock country is to hike the over 300 miles of trails.  When traveling to Sedona, with or without your pet friends, there are some things you must know to stay safe and to enjoy every moment.

That’s the whole point of the Sedona Q-dog blog, we’re here to tell you what’s up, what’s down, what’s new … from the inside view.  So ask me questions and give me feedback.  Let me know what you know about Sedona and hiking.

With all these miles of trails to cover, where do you start?  Me and my people live here … so we can help. 

Now there’s a place to gear up, wise up, and wind down.  The Hike House  has opened its doors in Sedona!  If you’re visiting Sedona take your people in for the coolest gear, trail tips, safety preparedness, refreshments, and more. 

Did I mention food?  Yeah, dog buddies, they’re dog and people friendly and have treats to prove it.  Your people can nutrient-up with breakfast, mid-day snacks, smoothies, their must-needed coffee fuel, and dogs get treats.  There’s a big patio with shade and a place for a water bowl and did I mention treats?

They Love US! Click on photo to read shirt ...

You can tell they really know we’re a team, our people and us, by the cool apparel they carry.  Your people can outfit themselves with essentials from under to outer wear, backpacks, shoes, you dog gone name it and they’ve got it. 

And for us, well how does your own dog body streamlined back pack sound, or trail boots, or a sweater for the cooler days?  Go ahead, let them show you off in-store … you’re welcome.

It’s important to know some special rules when you hike in this high desert country.  The Hike House can help your people with all they need to know about the trails and hiking conditions.  And my dog buddies, you can read more at SedonaDogandCat  on safety tips for us four-footed travelers.

Did I mention they have treats?

Sign-up to find out more about Sedona, the Verde Valley, Flagstaff and all the cool things to do and see.  And, don’t forget has information on Sedona, unique products and services and is the inside source for your visit. 

Q-Dog out.


Standin’ On a Ladder?


Here I am … bloggin’ my way to fame and biscuits.  I’m Quigley, aka Q-Dog, livin’ in Sedona, AZ and this is my blog.  Now I’m not a blog hog so my dog buddy, “Yoda Lani Chowote,” my cat friend, “Khumbu,” and my people will have a say too.

Dogclaimer:  You might as well know right from the start— I don’t do my own typing — fat feet and the opposable thumb thing.

What is the Q-Dog blog?  An insider’s look at Sedona, AZ  from a dog’s point of view … and his people too.

Well, here we go.  I’ve got somethin’ to say!

Standin’ on a Ladder?

Who dogged a thought that plants would get all of my people’s attention for the last 6 months?  But they have.  My people discovered that Sedona and the Verde Valley of Arizona are … how do they say, an agricultural  …”dog bowl” … no, wait, an agricultural “food basket,” a hidden treasure in the dry southwest.

I’m thinkin’ they found buried baskets of bones, but what they really meant was they found they could grow baskets of fresh fruits and veggies from their new garden.  Now I love grazin’ on fresh sweet grass just as much as the next dog, so Yoda Lani, Khumbu and I just sat and watched.  Sure enough, basket after basket of fresh food made it’s way into the house or to the hands of neighbors.

You may think that Sedona is just magnificent red rock views, surrounded by green junipine forests, home to nothing more than a vortex here or there and world-class hiking.  But actually, this Verde Valley supported Native Americans by the thousands before the early pioneers.  Then the pioneers not only supported themselves but exported fruits, nuts, and vegetables north to Flagstaff and  all the way south to Phoenix.  You can read more about early Sedona, at this link …

There’s some pretty awesome people living here now, too.  These people form packs called organizations and then they hound an idea, moving together as one, until they capture it and allow it to nourish everyone.  My people joined a local organization called Gardens for Humanity  , and with their inspiration, they were able to produce this bountiful garden.  They even made their own soil!

When I say bountiful, I mean it’s like having more bones then you can bury in one yard!  I suppose it might be common in your neck of the woods, but I was dog-awed to see my people standin’ on a ladder to pick baskets of green beans. 

So maybe I’m  just plain spoiled, wantin’ ALL the attention, but I thought I just better warn my dog friends and cat buddies that there’s more to Sedona then warm trails and cool creeks.  You too might have to share your people with all kinds of unexpected wonders. 

Keeping you informed from the inside out, it’s my dog dooty duty!

Time for a nap,

Q-Dog out.

Sedona’s Q-dog Blog

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